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Ed Raissi, an internationally acclaimed platinum record producer and DJ based in Miami, embarked on his musical journey at the age of four, mastering multiple instruments and honing his innate talent. His dedication has resulted in a diverse body of work that resonates globally.


Inspired by real-life experiences, Ed's music deeply connects with his audience. His ability to explore various musical styles while maintaining a distinct identity sets him apart as an artist to watch out for.


In the past year, Ed achieved remarkable milestones. His latest release, 'Forever,' garnered over 1 million Spotify streams and 62 million social media views, supported by industry heavyweights like David Guetta, Blasterjaxx, Swanky Tunes, Oliver Heldens, and Don Diablo, just to name a few.


Ed's meteoric rise in just six months under his own label 'Eminent Sessions Records' is a testament to his unwavering dedication, earning him a platinum plaque commemorating 1 million Spotify streams of ‘Forever.'


Beyond record production and DJing, Ed is a distinguished mixing and mastering engineer, sought-after ghost producer, and versatile multi-instrumentalist. His contributions to chart-topping releases under prestigious labels like Sony, Columbia, Spinnin', Ultra, Armada, Musical Freedom, and STMPD underscore his prowess.


Ed is internationally acclaimed for his captivating extended sets, known for meticulous curation. He seamlessly incorporates exclusive edits and unreleased tracks, tailoring sets to various house music genres, leaving audiences entranced.


Ed Raissi is more than a musical virtuoso; he's a visionary artist reshaping music boundaries, promising greatness celebrated for generations to come.

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